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Residential Out of Home Care

YCSS Residential Care provides trauma informed out of home care to individuals, co-tenancy arrangements or small group care specialising in sibling groups.


Out Of Home Care
Out of Home Care

Therapeutic Long Term Right on Track Program

Emergency Placement
Emergency Placement

Short Term

Respite Stay Options
Respite Stay Options

Foster, Kinship and Family of Origin


Pre-Semi Independent Living Scheme

What We Do

YCSS provide a suite of specialist residential care and prevention and early intervention services to families and young people with high to complex support needs. We provide children and young people who are in the care of the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women with a positive home environment within a residential setting, as well as supporting family preservation to stop children entering the care system.

Our Vision

Our vision is that through mutual respect and empowerment, we create pathways and connections for children, young people and families to achieve positive outcomes and their aspirations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver therapeutic intervention and support services to vulnerable children, young people and families. With the goal of keeping families together safely, wherever possible.

KKAT (Keeping Kids at Home)

Our KKAT Program works intensively alongside families to identify areas of need. It develops strategies and supportive tools to restore families in crisis or prevent further intervention from the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women.

KKAT (Keeping Kids At Home) Program
KKAT (Keeping Kids at Home) Program

Intensive Family Support

Family Reunification Services
Family Reunification Services

Beyond Care


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Professional Practice

Check out our Trauma Informed Framework.

Strategic Plan

Where we see ourselves in the next four years.

Elesist Training Programs

Through our sister organisation Elesist, YCSS provide parenting guidance and a range of training workshops for students, professionals and parents.

Mentoring Programs
Mentoring Programs

Family Integration Services

Our Values


We value respect as the primary foundation of our work with children, young people and families and within society in general.

Diversity and Acceptance

We value the diverse community that we live in and support young peoples cultural needs and acceptance.


We value empowerment as we believe that our work will develop children and young people’s independence rather than dependence.

Professional Integrity

We value integrity as the basic unit of trust with individuals and organisations in professional services, financial management and compliance to society’s regulations and laws. We value professionalism in our interactions with children, young people, families and all other stakeholders.


We value children and young people’s needs being met through identifying desired outcomes and working with them to achieve their goals and self-worth.

Quality Service

We value high performance, ensuring we have a positive attitude, the right mix of skills and a mindset that creates success.

The 5 Phases of our Trauma Informed Framework
Phase 1 - Family preservation and restoration/ prevention and early intervention
Phase 2 - Intake and assessment
Phase 3 - Stabilisation/ focused intervention
Phase 4 - Transitional planning/ resiliency
Phase 5 - Beyond care and family placement

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