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Strategic Plan

YCSS  has developed a Strategic Plan 2016- 2020 that is comprehensive and ambitious. Our strategic priorities are Early Intervention and Care Management, Professional Practice and Organisational Sustainability and Development.

Through development of the Keeping Kids at Home (KKAT) program we deliver services to families aimed at family preservation and reunification. YCSS will continue to implement whole of organisation and individual processes to support professional practice and identity so that clients and stakeholders are provided with services to the highest standards. We also of an effective and efficient management system and processes to support our work with clients.

Our vision, mission and values bring together a framework guiding us in our work. They also guide us in our professional practice, how we provide services, recruitment and ongoing support for our employees.

Our Key Performance Indicators will be challenging yet achievable, our team are professional and positive and our relationships with our key partners are vital. Our positive mindset, energy, team spirit and support of employees drives us to reach our goals.

As part of our Strategic Plan over the next three (3) years we will focus on continuing to ensure we are one of the providers of choice for the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women in the provision of Licensed Out of Home Care services as well as a leading agency in prevention and early intervention with the goal of returning children and young people to their family wherever possible.  We recognise that ‘family’ will look different for individuals and could consist of foster care, siblings, kinship care, grandparents and the wider cultural community. We will continue to grow and position ourselves in the sector as a high quality provider of services based on our Five Phased Therapeutic Model of Care and our Professional Practice Framework.

Another key priority area for us will be to ensure our Care Management and Professional Practice Frameworks are evidence based stemming from cutting edge research to provide high quality services and outcomes for children, young people and their families.

We will continue to provide each and every employee with professional supervision on a regular basis.  Our employees are vital to the successful outcomes of our young people and supervision provides one of the most effective avenues for critical self-reflection, practice discussion, support and developing as professionals. All of our senior employees are trained in this accredited training and are observed in their supervision practice throughout the year.

We will work closely with the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women to measure our success and strive to set even larger goals as we reach 2020.

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