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Whether you are responding to an online advertisement or you have been referred to us by a family member, we welcome your application to join our YCSS team.

Please be aware that gaining employment with YCSS is not a quick process, this is due to legalisation and organisational licencing requirements that will not allow a candidate to commence until a Working with Children Blue Card and a Licenced Care Service Criminal History Check is completed, this may take up to one month to process.

If you are a student looking for placement hours please check our vacancies to see if we are currently recruiting for students.

Before submitting your CV please read the following helpful hints that will assist your application in being successful.

Before applying

Before applying for a role, please consider the following:

Do your skills and experience align with our search criteria?
Are you available for the hours that the job advertises?

What to include in your Cover Letter

When submitting a cover letter, please consider the following:

Expand on some of the skills mentioned in your CV, give one or two specific examples of their use.
Consider the following three questions, why do you want this position? How do your skills or experience relate to the role? How have you developed yourself to work within this field?
Use clear and concise language.

What to include in your CV

When submitting a CV to us, please consider the following:

  • Correct spelling and grammar.
  • Do not use ostentatious colours or fonts.
  • Consider how your skills and experience align with our search criteria and make a point of listing those skills.
  • Lay out your CV in chronological order.
  • When using acronyms, consider that the reader may not be familiar with it’s expanded form.
  • Include full contact details for any referees.

Submitting your CV

YCSS receive all our CVs via our SEEK job advertisement page, please be aware that we don’t receive CVs directly.

To view our current vacancies visit our Employment page and scroll down to the Vacancies section.

Awaiting Contact

During an advertisement period our Human Resources department can receive between 50 – 100 resumes per position.

Applicants that are successful in moving to the next round of recruitment will receive a phone call or email, inviting them to attend a YCSS information session.

If you wish to gain feedback from an unsuccessful application, please contact Human Resources via email and understand that it may take up to two weeks for a feedback response to be sent.

Interview Process

To ensure that YCSS receives the best candidates and to ensure that candidates have a full understanding of the position that they have applied for, YCSS host pre-interview information sessions. These sessions are compulsory to attend before progressing to the interview process.

After an applicant has attended an information session a Sonru Online Interview will be sent to potential Candidates. These interviews have a week-long period in which to be completed, this will determine candidates moving to a face to face interview.

Following a successful face to face interview applicant screening checks are sent off including Licenced to Care Service Criminal History Screening, Working with Children Blue Card and Referee Checks. To meet licencing standards all successful candidates must have two referee checks completed before commencing employment.

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