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Development Frontiers

Development Frontiers

Training and Development

At YCSS we are committed to empowering our staff by investing in their professional development.  We are continually making the effort to provide our team members with more knowledge to better their practice and become confident and effective professionals within their sphere of expertise.


Child Protection Training and Family Intervention Training

The recent introduction of Child Protection Training and Family Intervention Training has been welcomed by the YCSS team. The intention is to ensure that all staff have an understanding of the Child Protection system and Mandatory reporting in Queensland.


Keeping Kids at Home Program

There has been an influx of family intervention requests through our KKAT program. Selected, qualified staff are embarking on training to support them in their practice with families and the delivery of our KKAT program.


Out of Home Research Presentation

Presented by Griffith UniversityA group of YCSS Care Management Team members and Care Facilitators attended the Out of Home Care Workshop at Griffith University. This enlightening and inspiring presentation delivered research on supporting the healing of the effects of trauma experienced by young people in out of home care.

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