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Residential Out of Home Care

YCSS Residential Care provides trauma informed out of home care to individuals, co-tenancy arrangements or small group care specialising in sibling groups.  Our residential Care Teams are experienced and qualified Care Facilitators who deliver direct care at a premises leased or owned for the purpose of caring primarily for children and young people having been assessed complex or extreme complex needs. Our care teams are carefully selected and matched specifically to each young person to support their individual needs and help them reach their full potential.

Core elements of our Residential Care are:

  • A clear child-focused system that aims to deliver nurturing and healing care for traumatised young people, responsive to the assessed needs of individuals.
  • Ensuring participation of young people in shaping their care and future needs.
  • Comprehensive collaborative assessments, journey planning, positive behaviour support management; life skill development and clear transition planning, care planning and positive intervention strategies.
  • Skilled, trained and supported employees who are professionally developed through regular training, supervision and sound agency governance.
  • Support for kinship, cultural and community connections and placements for children and young people who are Indigenous and from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds by trained, culturally appropriate and skilled professionals.
  • A Trauma Informed approach to care and access to therapeutic support for all children and young people.
  • Incorporating Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) practice into daily routines and overall approach.

Our Residentials

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