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Intensive Family Support

Through our KKAT (Keeping Kids at Home) Program, YCSS work intensively alongside families to identify areas of need. We develop strategies and supportive tools that restore families in crisis or prevent further intervention from Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women.

The child, young person and family will be supported in their access to mainstream services, develop their ability to independently address issues, develop resilience, encourage protective behaviors and become self-reliant beyond intervention.  YCSS offers collaborative case management and assessment processes and referral pathways to other professionals and services.

Want to know more? Download our Introduction to KKAT Brochure
KKAT Referral Form

Refer a family for KKAT.

KKAT Proposal

Download our KKAT Proposal.

KKAT Concept Map

  • Early Intervention & Family Guidance
  • Residential Care & Respite Care
  • Family Reunification & Transitional Support
  • Intensive In-Home and Lifestyle Support
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